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El Rincón Marine Coastal System

It encompasses the Bahía Blanca, Bahía San Blas coastal area and El Rincón marine area. The first two are rich in crustaceans and fish and are important for the breeding and development of the franciscana dolphin (a vulnerable species whose population is declining). On its coasts breeds 80% of Olrog's gull (endemic species). El Rincón is an area where anchovy, prawns and shrimp can be found and is particularly rich in coastal fish of commercial interest belonging to the "variado costero" fish assemblage.


Conservation Status



Argentine Territorial Waters and Argentine Exclusive Economic Zone

Biogeographical Region

Temperate seas of South America. Warm Temperate Province of the Southwest Atlantic. Ecoregion: Uruguay – Buenos Aires Shelf.


Marine suface area. 47.738 km2
Land surface area: 110 km2

Types of Habitats

Coastal environments: wetlands, tidal swamps, tidal flats, marshes and sandy beaches. Pelagic and benthic shelf environments.

Species Richness

26 seabird species; 17 marine mammal species; 3 marine turtles; more than 30 fish species reported.

Main Uses

Artisanal fishing (significant in the Bahía Blanca coastal area), fishing for sport and industrial fishing (El Rincón area). Maritime transport and port activity.


By-catch of seabirds, marine mammals and turtles by the different fishing fleets that operate in the area. Dredging of navigable channels. Expansion of port and industrial areas.

Management - Main Government Bodies

Provincia de Buenos Aires: Organismo Provincial para el Desarrollo Sostenible (OPDS), Dirección de Pesca (Min. Asuntos Agrarios), Municipalidades de Bahía Blanca, Coronel Rosales, Villarino y Patagones. Provincia de Río Negro: Ministerio de Turismo, Secretaría de Medio Ambiente, Dirección de Pesca, Municipalidades de Viedma-El Cóndor. Organismos Nacionales: Consejo Federal Pesquero, Subsecretaría de Pesca y Acuicultura, Secretaría de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable (SAyDS).

Level of protection

Protection of a land surface area of  1.100 km2 and marine surface area of 4.200 km2 by eight marine coastal areas, natural reserves and sanctuaries, (provincial and municipal) undergoing initial implementation. El Rincón is a protected area for the management of demersal species that make up the coastal fish assemblage called "variado costero".


Franciscana (La Plata River Dolphin) © P. Bordino- Aquamarina

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