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This site comprises the waters and fjords of the comuna Tortel in Chile. To the southwest the area includes islands of the Bernardo O'Higgins National Park. There is a diversity of benthic invertebrates, particularly sponges and hydrocorals for which various endemisms have been described. The high productivity of its waters favours the development of fish and invertebrate larvae.


Conservation Status



Chilean Territorial Sea, Aysén del General Carlos Ib‡–ez del Campo Region, Province of Capit‡n Prat, comuna  Tortel.

Biogeographical Region

Temperate seas of South America. Magellanic Province.
Ecorregion: Channels and Fjords of southern Chile.


11.800 km2

Types of Habitats

Rocky coasts. Benthic and pelagic shelf environments, macroalgae beds, coral reefs and mussel beds.

Species Richness

Six marine mammal species; 17 seabird species and 25 coast and landbirds. Surveys undertaken in 10% of the total surface area identified: 13 fish species; 132 benthic invertebrate species; 6 macroalgae.

Main Uses

Artisanal invertebrate fishery. Industrial Patagonian grenadier fishery, which uses bottom trawl nets, in the northern part of this area. Potential aquaculture development, particularly salmon farming.


Should it materialize in the future, intensive salmon farming (alien species) may impact the environment due to excessive nutrients, use of antibiotics and other contaminating substances.

Management - Main
Government Bodies

Ministerio del Medio Ambiente, Ministerio de Bienes Nacionales, Dirección General del Territorio Marítimo y de Marina Mercante (DIRECTEMAR), Servicio Nacional de Pesca (SERNAPESCA), Corporación Nacional Forestal (CONAF), comuna Tortel, Provincia de Capit‡n Prat e Intendencia de la Región Aysén.

Level of Protection

There are no marine protected areas.  The establishment of the Tortel Marine Coastal Protected Area for Multiple Uses is currently being evaluated.


Cold water sesile invertebrates from the seabed in Caleta Tortel © OCEANA – E. Sorensen


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